Liquid ERP has been around since 1998. We are an ELITE SYSPRO Partner, with a goal to provide our customers with highly competent support services throughout their business units.

We are a vibrant team that focuses on delivering innovative solutions and consultancy services. We provide our customers with a host of expertise and years of industry experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (SYSPRO), Business Intelligence, Application Development, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, and Integrations and Automations.

We have experience in the Food and Beverage, Mining, Wholesale and Distribution, Plastics, Medical and other industries. Our combined knowledge allows us to guide and assist our customers with enhancing their existing business processes to meet their strategic goals. This enables them to focus and evolve their businessses, and improve their return on investment.

Our agile business approach aligns our development and consulting expertise with customer requirements and goals, while allowing us to deliver high quality services and software within shorter time periods.

Meet the Team

Louise Anders (Liquid ERP Director, SYSPRO since 1990, SYSPRO Distribution and Manufacturing)
Andrew Strathearn (Liquid ERP Director, SYSPRO Architect, SYSPRO Financials and Distribution)
Ravi Naidoo (Liquid ERP Director, SYSPRO Warehousing, IT Infrastructure, SQL Administration)
Richard Mupeni (SYSPRO Administration and Distribution, Technical Support)
Manfred Hertz (SYSPRO Financials and Distribution)
Teresa Taljaard (SYSPRO Landed Cost Tracking and Financials)
Vivienne Cameron (SYSPRO Manufacturing and Distribution, SYSPRO Financials)
Rhiedwaan Valley (Liquid ERP Director, IT Infrastructure, SYSPRO Reporting, Manufacturing, and Distribution)
Louise Zurich (Support Administration, Reporting, SYSPRO Administration)
Elizma Heckroodt (Development, Development, Development)
Wesley Spolander (SYSPRO Technical, Cloud Hosting)